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Fuji-Q's awesome Arcade from 1996.
Toys in the Crane Catcher games; at least ten years old.
Tashiro and the Fuj - 1
Tashiro and the Fuj - 2
Tashiro, Chisato, and Mt. Fuji.
The Majesty
Crane's Home and Crane - 1
Crane's Home and Crane - 2
Chisato is Waiting
Tashiro and Chisato are waiting.
Out of focus.
Everyone is waiting.
Chisato waits some more.
Chisato and Tashiro waiting a few more minues.
Chisato is almost done with this waiting business.
The Waiting has changed us.
Me'n'Chi 1
Me'n'Chi 2
Shoot'n the Breeze.
All together now.

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