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These Photos were takenat the Maebashi City Tanabata Festival on June 11, 2009. &bsp;
Festival Street
Festival Street 2
You can't see it well, but there arer beetles in the box.
Some Guy at Some Booth.
Noah Looking at Something
Ivan and Christal on the street.
Mickey Fuck!
Mickey Fuck! 2
Chisato 2
Noah and Chisato Discussing Ripgirl Blue.
Noah and Chisato looking at Clothing Stuff.
Festival Street 3
Ivaa, Christal and Chisato Chatting with the Chicken Guy.
Still Chatting. Noah looks bored.
Noah and Ivan taking in the sights.
Noah sitting on a horse, shootin' the breeze.
Noah sitting on a horse, no longer shootin' the breeze.
This river was really fast.
A boring scene.

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